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3rd-Apr-2006 10:35 pm - Meeee!
People who introduce themselves after joining get lots of (utterly worthless) bonus points.

From the user info. I saw this and then fictionalcandie let me share her modly powers in a moment of insanity, so I figured I should set a good example and yes.

Hi, I am Tove, I am your new ruler. ^_^ I am the Empress of the Realm ('s true, just look at the userinfo) for some weird reason, I can't remember why. Full title is Madam Empress of the Realm of Sirius Black and the Queen of Fluff, but Madam Empress will be fine, thank you. (I even have the t-shirt to prove it!)

On a rather less insane note -- hi, my name is Tove and most of you know me very well already, so you can just skip reading this because there won't be anything new, sorry. For the rest of you -- hi, I'm Tove, which is a weird name that doesn't rhyme with love. (The E is there for a reason.) It's a Swedish name, which might seem random unless you know that I am in fact Swedish. For the time being I have fled my country, though, and am living it up in fabulous London, taking care of little kiddies in order to finance my theatre obsession ^_^ I am 20 years old (20 and a half, actually, gah wah OLD) and when I'm not in England I go to a silly uni where I study education so that I can one day be a teacher and have a three-month vacation every summer. That's a good reason for choosing a profession, don't you think? I like books and things, and theatre and pretty boys with pretty voices, and not-so-pretty boys with pretty voices, and fika and sunny days and movies and feeling happy and chocolate.

This is very rambly; I apologise. Too much caffeine.

PS: I also love Sirius. And muffins. Wink wink hint hint. And I'm betting Abs is now regretting letting me be in charge.
3rd-Apr-2006 11:58 am(no subject)
Whoverse: CSI
Hey, fellow Sirius lovers! I am a huge Sirius fan and have been working on a long story called Then Shall I Know featuring him and Hermione (and nearly everyone else, but not quite in the same way ;) ), and I was searching for places I might share it--it's a WiP, but diligently being worked on!

Title: 'Then Shall I Know'
Summary: Hermione stumbles across something in Dumbledore's office that sends her 20 years back in time. There, she and a young Sirius Black fall for each other--but will her resolve not to do anything to change the future end up ruining her chance at happiness when she returns to her own time?
Rating: PG-13 (Not quite sure, but just in case, I'll rate it a little higher)
Author: Darsynia!
Notes: The link is to fanfiction.net. Also, this is up to chapter 7 of a very long story, definitely not complete yet
Word Count: Err... 20k and rising *shifty eyes*

edit: Yay for misplaced punctuation, sorry...
22nd-Feb-2006 03:06 pm(no subject)
Title: 31 October, or When the World Stopped
Author: gailsauce
Word Count: -4,500
Rating: PG-13/T
Spoilers: Major, major spoilers. Specifically and especially PS/SS and PoA.
Pairing: Lily/James
Characters: Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, James Potter, Lily Potter, Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid, Tom Marvolo Riddle/Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore
Warnings: NOT A HAPPY FIC. Character Death. Angst.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is intellectually the property of J.K. Rowling.
Summary: Sirius Black's actions during the night of Hallowe'en, 1981, as they truly were, now faithfully rendered in high dramatic style to the best of the teller's abilities.
Notes: I realise that every member of this community has probably already read this, but I really feel it's the proper place to put such a fic. It doesn't quite fit anywhere like lilyandjames, after all. :-P

(31 October)
3rd-Dec-2005 07:28 pm(no subject)
Has anyone else ever noticed the parallels between the Count of Monte Cristo and Sirius?
11th-Feb-2005 03:58 pm(no subject)
Wow, still ugly. Must fix.
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