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Realm of Sirius Black

Wish Upon A Star

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Dedicated to the reality, memory and obsession of Sirius Black

This community was founded on the belief that you can never get enough Siriusness. It exists mostly to sate Gail as a depository for all manner of said Siriusness -- pretty ficcage, art, discussion, theorization, etc. Insanity and silliness are encouraged.

Realm Officer's Council:
(also known as the uber cool people who were around when this thing was created)
fictionalcandie/gailsauce — First Mate (creator/maintainer/moderator)
duva — Empress of the Realm (maintainer/moderator)
sunsgoldenray — Keeper of the Werepuppy
motzy — Lady of Muffins
crossedswords — Court Jester

  • DO NOT BASH THE SIRIUS. Above all, this community is for people who like Sirius. If all you really want to do is talk about what a horrible, immature, selfish character he is/was... then this community isn't for you.
  • Do not bash fellow members. We're all reasonabe people here, so play nice and treat each other the way you'd like to be treated. (Nasty things happen to people who ignore this.)
  • Restrict posts solely to the subject of Sirius (when possible). Fanfic/fanart, fanfic/fanart recs, discussions, etc. are all welcomed, as long as they center on Sirius himself.
  • Fanart and long fanfics (anything over a couple of hundred words) belong behind LJ-cuts. If you're unfamiliar with LJ-cuts, there's a very useful FAQ here.
  • Posts featuring mature content (or content that is not work-safe) are allowed but should be clearly labeled, with definite warnings, and said content (of any media or size) hidden behind one of the just-mentioned LJ-cuts.
  • Using netspeak is not encouraged; it's not very polite, since English is not everyone's first langauge, and there's no reason to make yourself even harder for them to understand.
  • Questions, complaints, suggestions and that sort of thing should all be directed to fictionalcandie. The quickest way to do this is to email her, and if that doesn't work... well, she'll develop a contingency plan for you. Eventually.
  • People who introduce themselves after joining get lots of (utterly worthless) bonus points.

Now then, go enjoy yourself.

Sirius Black is a fictional character from the Harry Potter series, belonging to J.K. Rowling. (If you didn't know that, then I'm not sure what you're doing here.) This community is making no money over him, and no copyright infringement is intended.